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Beer & Pretzels

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29th Beer & Pretzels Games Weekend 19/20th May 2018
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29th Beer & Pretzels Games Weekend 19/20th May 2018

This year's event ran smoothly – numbers were about the same as last year, so full enough but without the worry of running out of table space. The role-playing games were fully subscribed, and although the Miremarsh and Blood Red Skies stands were quite quiet the games that were played went really well, and useful chats were had with both sets of people.

The board game library got plenty of use, with Tsuro the most popular game and perennial favourites such as King of Tokyo, Ticket to Ride Istanbul and Agricola also featuring. It was good to see some of my favourites in use too; Navegador, Ad Astra, La Strada, Evo, and Imperial 2030. Our library copy of Blood Red Skies was in use before the demo stand was up and running! What stood out mostly, though, was the impressive array of new games that people had brought along, often with Kickstarter extras so very shiny indeed. Modern production standards are very high – consequently, so is the price, more often than not...

No hassles with parking attendants this year, the beer selection was excellent and the food good value as always, so smiley faces all round and I have already asked about the usual date for next year (to be confirmed). I was getting hassled about Autumn B&P dates so I had better get that sorted next.


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