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Wednesday Night Catchup

Having been very lax in posting the games we have been playing, here are several weeks in one go. 16th January: posted by Zarniwoop

We started off the evening with a game of Love Letter a really simple quick little game where you are dealt a card at the start, on your turn you draw another then discard a card and follow its instructions until there is one person left. Repeat until a someone has won a number of rounds (dependent on number of players). This is fun but I am not sure how replayable this is, it is quite random and you really have few choices available. Still it plays in minutes so no harm giving it a go to fill in between other stuff. I won this ...

We then played a game of Days of Steam now I am not normally a train game kind of guy but this was actually quite good. A mix of tile placement, good movement with some set collection for points. You build up the track with the laid tiles and can add towns which have goods, as long as certain crtieria are met. Certain tiles add difficulty in movement and you spend steam points to move around. I had good fun playing this and certainly would give it another go sometime.
Caz:13, Neil:12, Sally:7 and Paul:5

9th January: posted by Zarniwoop

Started the evening off with a game of Coup, this is a quick simplegame where players have 2 hidden cards with roles on. Each turn players claim to have a certain role nad take the appropriate action and/or collect money. Players can call your bluff and if they are wrong have to reveal one of their cards (ie lose a life) whilst you get to pick a new card. It is a last man standing game, thankfully this is quick not really my cup of tea but has proven quite popular with a lot of the Wednesday gaming group.

Then we played Ra! an auction/set collection game and a bit of a classic. Really fun to play but takes a bit of thinking about.
Sally:32, Caz:25, Andy:22, Phil:22 and Paul:19

Finally a game of Citadels another classic, we had to call this one early as it was threatening to be a really long night otherwise (always forget how long this plays). One day I will try this with the alternative characters as I am not a huge fan of the Assassin as it seems to harsh.
Sally:33, Caz:31, Paul:27, Phil:25 and Andy:21

Posted by EvilGinger Did not intend to game to be honest but was lured in by a quick game of Perudo a dicey bluffing game which I did quite well in but did not win & then despite my arguing with myself vigorously was lured into the dungeons to play Decent 2nd edition. After which I made my excuses & left.

Now I know the papers are going to be late I will expand on this.

I had wanted to play Decent 2nd edition since it came out having very much enjoyed my sadly one game of decent first edition even if it did take rather too long in a cold hall it was something I wanted to play again.

I was drawn into a campaign game, which Decent 2E supports right out of the box, but it was a well advanced campaign with well developed & upgraded characters with three other players who knew what they where doing so I had little to input being very much the newbie. It played at a fair clip despite the committee element and some discussion of what was the best move or action. The Scenario was rather a walk over but there was definite potential for it to have gone all wrong even so & it was done in about an hour & a half.

I would like to play it again preferably from the start of a campaign so I could see the character development elements of the game which seem to have been moved from in episode to between episodes in this edition.

I enjoyed Descent 2E but I feel its not quite as good as the first edition at least form my point of view though it plays very well smoothly & within a practicable time frame.

2nd January: posted by Zarniwoop

First session of January so was a perfect time to try out one of my Christmas presents Expedition: Congo River 1884 a nice little game with a unique bidding mechanism for getting VP's, though there is a lot of luck and randomness. That said it is a pleasent enough game to play and once you get used to the cards should play relatively quickly. Caz, Paul, Carl and Cooper. I believe it was a Caz win on tie break but to be fair I don't recall exactly.


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