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Tabletop Day

Tabletop Day was a considerable success with all sorts of people running events all over the place. Ours was therefore quite quiet - also because, preparing for our imminent shop move, we made only modest attempts to spread the word. Nevertheless, games we played included:


Ascension - A closely fought game with Sally winning with 62, Simon 57 and Phil 53


Eco Fluxx which Simon won


Netrunner, this could have gone either way, but Phil triumphed in the end.


Dobble. We hadn't played this before, as it came with the Tabletop Day promotional stuff we gave it a try.
It is very simple pattern recognition party game, it kept us amused for a few minutes between more meaty games.


Spartacus, Carole tells Phil what he should do, then laughs when he gets decapitated.


Trax. This is one we've had for years. A tactical 2 player which is simple yet devious.

We also played Drum Roll which Pete won, Naomi came 2nd and Sally 3rd & Ginkgopolis, not a bad selection at all.


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