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The Magic Gathering Sunday 24th November 2013

What a day! The object of the exercise was to assemble 32 Magic players on the premises - to show that we could, basically - and by 1pm we already had more than that number, not all of them playing Magic at that stage but by the end of the day 35 had done so. Playing Magic was not an absolute requirement and total players of all games by the end of the day stood at 42, there may actually have been a couple more but why spoil such an auspicious number? Three late stragglers had come with the intention of playing Magic but by that time most players had retired (several had been up early the day before to go to an event in Liverpool), and since one of them was dressed as a pirate we had a couple of games of Walk the Plank, which was a real hoot. Four of us then settled down to Galaxy Trucker while the rest played a rude version of Apples to Apples till midnight.

The Hydra proved a great success both as a training aid - we had several new players - and as a way of slipping in a quick Magic fix between other games. Some lapsed Magic players played each other and at least one was getting tempted to start again. There were a lot of other games played as well throughout the day - Roborally, Rallyman, Room 25, Sun of York, Nations, Mutant Meeples, Death Angel, Attika; it looks promising for our next Second Sunday of the Month gaming day on 8th December, I'm looking forward to it.


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