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Wednesday Night Gamers 6/13th Nov 2013

For the last couple of weeks we have Mice and Mystics. Starting with the first scenario, we got through the Guard Room OK and got into the Sewers where we were nearly swept away, but got out in the nick of time. Then having cleared the Dinning Hall Tunnels we decided to take on the challenge of the Dining Hall, having first picked up some catnip in case we met Brodie the cat. It was an interesting challenge having the roaches eating all our cheese so that we couldn't use our abilities, and trying attract the attention of Miz Maggie so that she stopped swatting us and gave us our achievement token, but eventually we made it to the Courtyard and managed to escape the castle intact.

The next week we played the second scenario. We only had 3 players this week, but as one characters was Lily who was caught in a trap and didn't count as one of the party until rescued, we just took turns in play the Lily character.

Having to start in the courtyard and face the crow at the start of the game didn't go well with one of our party getting an immediate hit. Then on to the Dinning Hall Tunnels, then we went to the Dinning Hall to collect the Dinner Fork that we would need to rescue Lily as we didn't have a tinkerer character in the party. As the cheese wheel was nearly full we decided not to hang around and try to get the Special Search: Whiskerfroth Elixir, big mistake!

Lily had spent most of the game firing her bow and rolling everything but bows managing to kill all of 2 roaches by the time we reached her. When rolling for defence she kept rolling bows! When we made it into the Crystal Caves she didn't fare any better and although we managed to kill the Skitter-Clak it had already done enough damage to us and we were all wiped out by the remaining Rat Warriors.

To finish off the evening we played Walk the Plank. A fun little filler where you are trying to be the last 2 pirates not to Walk the Plank. You shove or charge other players off the end on the plank, retract it from under them, or try and save yourself.

Other games played were Trains and Dungeon Raiders.


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