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Wednesday Night Gamers 12th February 2014

Tonight Sam bought down Rampage. I have been wanting to try this ever since it came into the shop. It looked intriguing, silly, fun, I had to have a game. So Sam and I set the game up, and just as we were ready Paul and Carole arrived, so the four of us set about demolishing the buildings. First you have to flick your monster's feet so that they touch a sidewalk next to a building, and then drop your monster on to the building dislodging the meeples. Any meeples left in your area not in a building can then be eaten by your monster. Or you can use the trucks in your area and flick them from your monster onto the buildings, again eating any available meeples in your area. You also collect any empty floors which add to your victory points. Once all the buildings have been destroyed you add up your points to see who has won. To make it more of a challenge, each monster has a special power card which they can use throughout the game, a one off special superpower which you keep to yourself until you use it, and a goal to aim for which give more victory points if achieved


The game is beautifully produced, with nice chunky wooden pieces, which is just as well as they can go flying all over the place. A fun game for when you don't feel like thinking too hard, and just to add to my enjoyment I won.

Paul, Carole and Sam then went of to play Edo

While Phil, Becka, Philsie and I played Ad Astra. I always enjoy this game, but am very bad at it and this time was no exception as I came joint last with Becka who at least had the excuse of never having played before. It looked like Phil was going to pull off a win when Philsie pipped him to the post with only 2 points between them.

Scores were: Philsie 61, Phil 59, Becka/Me 51.

My last game of the evening was Guildhall. I like the mechanic of this game, you are trying to collect sets of characters, but each character card you play has an ability which you use before adding it to your Guildhall. As these actions include traders and assassins there is a fair bit of player interaction, especially when a player looks like they may be getting ahead. It is also a game where even if it looks like you are behind you can still manage to sneak a win from under the other players noses, which is what I managed to do.

Pictures taken by Zarniwoop.


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