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Title: Re: Spirit Games Wednesday Night - 2013 Post by: Zarniwoop on 07 August 2013.

31st July 2013
Finally got one of my new games to the table this week in the shape of Kings of Air and Steam.. This was a Kickstarter game but is now in general distribution, the quality starts with the box itself which has great artwork and feels well made. The components are also of high quality and the artwork throughout is of a high standard. 

The rules are split into a basic game, there to teach you the core mechanics, and a more advanced game which adds to the basic game to enhance the gameplay. The player boards are two-sided to reflect these differing versions and for tonight's game we played the basic game in order to get a feel of how this plays. 

I really enjoyed this and it has a lot of potential especially with the ability to factor in the more advanced gameplay. The board itself is modular, made up of various large hexes, the number laid out depends on the number of players. The game can play with up to 7, though I suspect the sweet spot will be around 3-5. The basic idea is that players use their Airships to pick up and drop goods to their depots from which they use trains to then transport the goods to Cities demanding these. During the game you get the option to upgrade your Airship, which allows for using better cards and carrying more goods, or to upgrade your train, which allows you to transport goods over more stops. Money is used to upgrade and money is obtained by shipping good, the value of which is determined by the market which is updated every turn. 

Great fun and even though this is not a short game, as it was the only game we played that evening, there is little downtime so it does not feel like it drags. There is plenty of player interaction as you have to pre-plan your moves for the whole turn, meaning that sometimes you have to alter you actions as another player beats you to your destination. Excellent game and will certainly see more table time in the future.

Title: Re: Spirit Games Wednesday Night - 2013 Post by: Zarniwoop on 07 August 2013

24th July 2013
Started the evening off with a game of Undermining. which we have not played in quite a while but is always a firm favourite when we do. The game plays quite quickly, even with more players, and tonight we played using the more complicated side of the game board. The game whilst simple to play has a lot of room for strategic play and differing routes to scoring. Final Scores on this one were : Caz:32, Paul:31 and Carl:27

We then went on to play Kingdom Builder. which is another fantastic game which has seen a LOT of table time since I bought it. This has to rank as one of my all time favourite games and is always enjoyable to play. I have the Nomads. expansion which is mixed in permanently with the main game now, as I see no reason not, as it adds some nice new options without complicating the game any. Final Scores for this were: Caz:53, Phil:52, Carl:49 and Paul:42

Another week goes by and the Universe is safe as I managed to not win any of my games .......  +:beer=+::beer:  +:drunk_smile=+::drunk_smile:

12th June 2013
Tonight I was playing a game of Suburbia. with Neil, it is sort of a sim city board game. Players are attempting to build their own district to encourage income and population. A tile laying game where what you place can influence both yourself and other players as each type of building hex has different effects as it is placed, as well as potentially triggering already placed hexes. A nice game with some interesting artwork and gameplay but I did feel it was maybe over-long to fully enjoy. That said, with more players I can see this getting a bit more interesting though not sure how this would effect the length of play. Would probably try this again but definitely with more players to get a feel for what this could play like. Paul:135 and Neil:123 (who owned the game so did the honourable thing and lost :) especially after helping me a bit!!)

Title: Re: Spirit Games Wednesday Night - 2013 Post by: Zarniwoop on 25 June 2013

22nd May 2013
Tonight was pretty much just a game of Terra Mystica. A slightly more complicated game than most and whilst some of us had played before, Guy was new so the explanation was necessarily longer.  

Players are controlling races trying to build cities as well as building up status in various cults, each race has its own unique abilities and bonuses. Each player has their own board which controls all aspects of their game which is quite neat. Each round their is a specific goal which will earn you bonus VP`s, each race has to build on certain terrain so the first order of business is to terraform the landscape in order to build your city.

I really enjoyed this, it is not a short game but the time passes by without you really noticing as you concentrate on your plans. There is plenty of player interaction, some of which involve actually helping other players to score whilst furthering your own efforts. It is not an easy game to summarise but it is great fun and a challenge to play and I look forward to trying this again with a different race. Richard:130, Guy:103, Luke:85 and Paul:65

Title: Re: Spirit Games Wednesday Night - 2013 Post by: RichardD on 13 June 2013

Last night it was a three-handed game of Pax Piorfiriana, involving Luke, Roy and myself. We'd all played at least twice before, so the time spent referring to the rule book was still too much but at least the game flowed. I missed a sure win when the first topple card went past, but nailed it on the second one. It's an interesting tableau building game, but it's quite long and potentially a bit random - more of an experience game than a deep strategic/tactical one.

Then we moved on to Glory to Dinosaurs - sorry, Uchronia - to round the evening off.  It was a close game between Roy and myself, after Luke stalled with a bad start. Roy won, in a round on which I was going to cross the finish line too. After playing Glory to Rome at the Talbot last week, my opinion that Uchronia is the better game is reaffirmed.

There might have been a third game, but I've already forgotten it. See what I mean about forgetfulness?


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